Handy Calculators

How many gallons of paint do you need? How many squares of shingles? How can I calculate the pitch for the stairs I need to build for the basement? You will find calculators below for all these things.


A tome of calculators (WebCalc.net) Mulch (Gardenplace.com)
A second tome of calculators (DiaDot.net) Paint (HGTV)
Air Conditioning (Energyexperts.org) Martindale‘s (Martindalecenter.com)
Brick Coursing (Canadabrick.com) R Value (Department of Energy)
Carpet (Improvenet.com) Roof (Primeshop.com)
Concrete/Aggregate/Asphalt (Pennsysupply.com) Shingles (Cyberyard.com)
Drywall (HGTV) Stair Rise and Angle (Diadot.com)
Fences (HGTV) Tile (HGTV)
Grass Seed (HGTV) Wallpaper (HGTV)
Gypsum Drywall (Cyberyard.com) Wallboard (WebCalc.net)
Insulation (Lowes.com) Windows (HGTV)