When should I call an electrical contractor

Here are some, but not all, examples of issues best resolved by an electrician.


  • It seems like you are constantly resetting circuit breakers or replacing fuses in your panel.
  • When your refrigerator starts up and the lights dim.
  • Your lights flicker for no apparent reason.
  • You are using extension cords to connect your electrical devices.
  • You start your electric razor in the bathroom and the lights go out.
  • You can smell “burning wires.”
  • The switch in the den turns on and off the radio plugged in the dining room outlet.
  • Your television, TIVO, VCR, cable or satellite receiver, DVD surround-sound player and stereo components are all plugged into the same outlet.
  • You have an appliance which needs a three-prong (grounded) plug and have no grounded outlet.