Smoke Detectors have gone portable

Did you know smoke detection has gone unplugged?


New smoke detectors can be put anywhere there is a light socket

Smoke Detectors have gone portable Smoke detection in a light bulb? Sounds great right? Recent technology advances make it possible to have a smoke detector which screws into a standard light socket. New houses are required to have hard-wired smoke detectors. But most of us living in pre-hard wire homes. Finding a suitable location to tap into existing wiring can be tricky. There are battery-powered smoke detectors, but remembering to check that battery may be a challenge. You might also want extra protection when you are traveling or visiting others. There may be a challenged adult or small child who could use additional warning in the event of a fire. The self-charging smoke detectors are a great solution. These "light bulb" smoke detectors are compact. They add only a few inches to the overhead length of a light fixture and are unobtrusive. The smoke detector charges while the light is on. If you place the detector in a basement area or somewhere else where the lights may not be on often, the detector has a test feature so you can make sure it is fully charged. For more information check out the Product Page at Dupont. - Duane