Monetary Electric Shocks

There are electrical vampires lurking in your home -- and they are right in front of you.


Electric Shocks - of the monetary kind!

We know if you stick a wire or other metal object into an outlet, you receive a shock. But did you know that just having appliances plugged into outlets they can draw current. Even though most appliances only draw a tiny amount of electrical current when not in use, this adds up. Below are some common appliances and electronic devices and the energy they "suck" in a year.

  • Cell phone charger: .14¢ ($2.24 if connected to a charged phone)
  • Computer Monitor: .08¢ ($12.15 in sleep mode; $65.00 if on)
  • Computer: $2.84 ($21.13 in sleep mode; $74.00 if on idle)
  • Printer: $10.40
  • Laptop computer: $8.90 ($15.77 in sleep mode; $29.50 if on)
  • Cordless phone with answering machine: $2.95 ($4.00 if in ready mode)
  • Cordless power tool: $8.34
  • Satellite box: $15.47 ($15.66 if turned off with the remote; $15.95 if on but tv off).
  • DVD player: $1.55 ($7.54 in standby)
  • Game console: $1.01 ($23.34 in ready; $26.98 if active)

Consider unplugging items you do not use or plugging several items into a power strip you can turn off. Those pennies will add up.


- Duane