Small Changes Save Electricity

Small Changes Save Electricity - And Money!

Even small electrical changes can have dramatic impacts on your energy usage and save you money as well. Pennies add up quickly. Save yourself some green and be green too.

  • Try air-drying clothes.
  • If you have an appropriate place in your home to do this, it also adds humidity to the air, something we need more of during the cold winter months.
    If you need to replace your washing machine, try a front-loader. You will get cleaner clothes and save not only electricity, but also water. You will also save when you dry your clothes as the front loading machines spin out much more water during the spin cycle.
  • Check the lint screen on your dryer. Lint blocking the air hose makes the dryer work less efficiently and also can be a fire hazard.
  • Wash or dry your clothes off hours. Put that load of clothes in the washer just before you go to bed and dry them first thing in the morning. If you have peak energy monitoring with your utility company you will save money. heck with your electric utility company to determine if you have consumption and demand ratings. If you have demand ratings alternate using the electrical appliances which draw a lot of power.
  • Consider lowering the thermostat and using space heaters to heat only those rooms you occupy. Oil-filled heaters can be found for as low as $40.00 and they will pay for themselves within the first year.
  • Plug your space heaters into timers so they will turn themselves off if you forget.
  • Plug your electronics into a surge protector or extension cord with an off switch.
  • Even when a computer or television is "off" it continues to draw electricity to power its clock. Other components draw electricity as well.
  • If you have trouble remembering to turn them off use a mechanical timer with your electronic devices as well. Consider investing in a simple set back thermostat. The energy used to warm or cool a house at the end of the day or early in the morning is much lower than that used to maintain that temperature over hours.

- Duane