About Tall Tree Electric

I've always wanted to figure it out, disassemble it and reassemble it, use my hands, solve the problem, find the answer, complete the puzzle.

My interests led me to study as an electrician. I graduated from Duluth VoTech in 1981, temporarily relocated to North Dakota to apprentice to obtain my journeyman’s license. I moved to Rockford, Illinois and worked on the Byron Nuclear Power Station. I returned to Minnesota in 1985, obtained my Masters license and began working for someone else. While I enjoyed my work, there was always something missing.

Tall Tree Electric (TTE) is the expression of my wish to be self-directed and more involved. I am the guide, project manager and problem-solver. Working directly with people is one of the benefits as well.

I compliment my electrical skills with a wide range of craftsman and handyman skills. I've worked side-by-side with plumbers, carpenters, pipe fitters, painters, tapers, etc. I watch and learn and use those.

I built our log home. I have installed new windows in my mother’s home and I helped my father build a new home in Northern Minnesota and recently began rebuilding the Gun-flint cabin we lost in the Ham Lake, Minnesota fire of 2007. I also volunteer my time to the schools my son’s have attended, building lofts, playhouses, taping wallboard, upgrading electrical services, and assisting a class building a kit airplane.

A few of the interesting projects I’ve undertaken are, installing warm floor tiling, adding a greenhouse, building free-standing log stairs, constructing a free-standing Rumford fireplace, remodeling a one-bedroom apartment, shingling roofs, creating an antler chandelier, making a pine slab dining room table and plumbing several bathrooms. My wife loves to mess with me create interesting fixtures which complement our unique log home. There is always some challenge awaiting me.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. I am confident you will be satisfied with our electrical work and personable approach. I look forward to hearing from you.